Strike the Sky, listen the noise – A meditation teacher look back on its art

In his book Fabrice Midal offers us a more or less chronological exploration of its experience of mediation, from the balbutiating begins of a lost 20 years boy to his experience as a recognized teacher in Paris, via the seminar in the United States, in the footsteps of Chogyam Trumpa.

A window on the meditation’s world

With modesty and sincerity, Fabrice Midal tells us about his decisive meeting, his discoveries, his doubts with a personal and critique eye. He explains what is – to him- mediation, what it enables him to understand about himself and mankind, the trap it encompasses.

A yogi writing

One of the good point of this book is its style. Very simple and flowing, this book is rich of references coming from the long year of study of its author. Quotations and references are presented with simplicity and in a very personal manner, what is, in my eyes, the better promotion. The story of the reading of Chogyam Trumpa especially makes your mouth water, fill your mind with dreams and your heart with passion, references to Bob Wilson makes you run to theater, memories of the retreat make you feel travelling around the world.

A moving demonstration

Eventually, this book is as much a testimony as a demonstration of what meditation may brings you: Midal carries a serein look on every protagonist of the book, including himself. The book is suffused with benevolence for all its protagonists, including its author. Its a generous and erudite book, which revelead a demanding discipline with help of many anecdotes and quotations, borrowing from other disciplines and great texts.

Through out his testimony, Fabrice Midal call us on the pass of meditation, sometimes sharp, but always flowered, and it is very hard to resist him.